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Top Three Reasons People Use Rudraksha

“ I have been recommending Rudraksha for the past 12 years, right from the day I started Rudrashaktii to create awareness about the powers and properties of Rudrakshas. ”

— Sumeer Kakodkar

Through the years I have consulted thousands of people, and I want to detail three reasons people use Rudrakshas in particular. However, these do not limit the scope of the power of Rudrakshas – they can be used for many more reasons.

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Harmony in Relationships

I was approached by a lady in one of our exhibitions.

She had a very peculiar problem as her husband used to consume alcohol very often and would physically abuse her under that influence. She had no other option but to put up with him due to some compulsions. I suggested to her that her husband needs a remedy for his problem but she insisted that he would never listen to her. I then recommended that she wear a Rudraksha combination, which she readily agreed to. I asked her to give me feedback after 60 days of regular wearing of the combination. She called me after 90 days to tell me that she is now happy and thanked me profusely for my suggestion.

In my fascinating journey as a Rudraksha expert, I was approached by both men and women seeking harmony in their married lives. There were some cases already going through legal proceedings. Some of them were already separated and wanted to settle down again but were apprehensive if the new alliance would meet the same fate. There were a few others seeking to get married but somehow were not able to do so.

Quality of Career

I starkly remember a very senior executive consulting with me.

Working for a reputed International Bank he expressed his helplessness at being always rubbed the wrong way by his boss. He told me that his boss was always waiting for an opportunity to pounce on him for petty mistakes or lapses by him or his subordinates. On studying his date of birth I could clearly observe the malefic influence of Saturn in his birth chart. This was causing the problem of him being an introvert. He used to hold himself back from expressing himself and hence was misunderstood by others as a headstrong person with an attitude. I suggested a combination of Rudraksha and recommended a small change in his signature. I was confident that his troubles would now be allayed. After a year he called me to find out if he can do more to further his career. During the call he also let me know that he is now happy in his career. According to him there is a tremendous positive change from his earlier situation. I feel blessed when I get such positive feedback.

Interestingly what I have observed in suggesting Rudraksha is that most of the people who have approached us in the exhibitions were those who were either seeking career growth, were not satisfied with their current jobs, or who were feeling professionally stagnated. Another few were those who felt victimised in their current workplace or sidelined by their seniors. Almost all of them have found resolution to their problems.

On the other hand, a lot of business-people, interestingly more so from the construction industry, have approached us to achieve success in their businesses. Several of them also had financial trouble or legal problems, and wanted to try Rudrakshas as a remedy to overcome these challenges. The feedback from them is that there is a remarkable improvement in their business.

Mental and Spiritual Well Being

Men and women alike seek Rudrakshas to gain spiritual upliftment.

Many have expressed to me that they experience a feeling of hollowness in their lives and would like to strengthen their spiritual presence. In such a case I suggest a combination of one or three Rudrakshas depending on the position of planets as per their date of birth. 

We were also approached by a few who were seeking remedy for their psychological concerns and wanted to try Rudraksha to help them tide over their problems. Rudrakshas have helped them all achieve mental peace and spiritual growth.

Thus, I would say that the top three reasons why people use Rudraksha are to enhance relationships, grow careers and grow spiritually. Rudrashaktii has helped all these people overcome their challenges – by analyzing their date of birth and finding out the benefic and malefic planetary influences on their lives – and guiding them to the way of Rudrakshas.

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2 thoughts on “Top Three Reasons People Use Rudraksha

  1. Is their any restriction that you can’t eat non veg ,before going to bed you have to remove and many more are they real or myths. How much is your consultancy and what you require to get advice. The Rudrasha you provide are delivered by doing puja and making sidha the same.

    1. Hi Abhay!
      Its acceptable to eat non veg for a wearer of Rudraksha. You don’t ‘have’ to remove them before going to bed, but in interest of your comfort and so that the rudrakshas don’t hurt you when you are sleeping you can remove them.
      Our consultancy is free for the month of May and June and you can book an appointment on the Whatsapp chat button on the bottom right of the website. We will consult on phone based on your date of birth and some other factors.
      Yes, all our rudrakshas are delivered in a mala, after abhisheka and puja.

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