About Us

Rudrashaktii aims to promote awareness about the properties and benefits of the divine bead “Rudraksha’’ among as many people as it can. We have been successfully sharing the powers of Rudrakshas since 2008.

Rudrashaktii’s motto is to provide guidance on the most suited Rudraksha for an individual. Based on Indian scriptures and our experience, we know it is essential for a Rudrasksha wearer to wear a combination of Rudrakshas tailored specifically to them. This is the best way to benefit from your Rudrakshas, other than acquiring all available kinds of Rudrakshas. Rudrashaktii recommends Rudrakshas on the basis numerological interpretation of one’s date of birth and the interpretation of planetary positions. We focus on mental, spiritual and material well being of an individual to serve our patrons in a holistic manner.

Rudrashaktii is based in Mumbai and was founded in the year 2008, after long years of research and study on the efficacy of the Rudraksha beads on human well being. Mr. Sumeer Kakodkar, a postgraduate with a strong liking for occult sciences and a deep interest in healing therapies, is the guiding force behind this organization. Revelation of mysteries surrounding the divine bead – Rudraksha and its healing properties prompted him to start Rudrashaktii. He also felt that thousands of people are still unaware of the properties and benefits of Rudrakshas, and made spreading knowledge of Rudrakshas among general public Rudrashaktii’s core mission.

Mrs. Nishita Kakodkar, a graduate in commerce, a vedic mathematics expert and a reiki master is the co-founder of Rudrashaktii. She has keen interest in healing therapies and is currently working on the alternate therapies and simplified meditation techniques.

Rudrashaktii firmly believes that wearing a Rudraksha is the most auspicious thing than anything else in this world.

‘’Rudraksha Dharanascha shrestha na  kichadapi vidyateh ‘’