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"Tatrashrubindto Jaata Maharudraksh Vrikskshka
Mamaagyayaa Mahasen Sarvesham Hitkamyayaa ​"

“Those tear drops which fell from my eyes gave birth to the Maharudraksha tree on my command for the benefit of all.”​
– Lord Shiva, Shiv Puran

Rudraksha - The Divine Bead

‘Rudraksha’ is Sanskrit for ‘tear drops of Lord Shiva’. Often seen as prayer beads and trusty accessories of the famous – politicians such as Balasaheb Thackeray, Indira Gandhi, and even Narendra Modi, actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Rajnikant, and religious leaders like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Dalai Lama, these divine beads are far greater and more intricate than just that.
Ayurvedic medicine proclaims that Rudraksha beads have fascinating healing and therapeutic properties. In a world where numerous ailments are either psychosomatic or stress-related, Rudraksha beads meet the growing need for non-invasive, natural and holistic remedies.
The magnetic properties of Rudrakshas help alleviate the wearers’ stress and anxiety, and the mystical aspects of the beads minimize the malefic effects of planets on the wearer. Hence, wearing a Rudraksha or a combination of Rudrakshas helps you brave the ups and downs of life, and lead to favourable outcomes in life.

Why Rudrashaktii?

At Rudrashaktii, we aspire to extend the gift of mental and spiritual well-being to one and all, with the help of the divine Rudraksha. We offer personalized recommendations and guidance on selecting the perfectly suited Rudraksha beads for every individual.
Each Rudrashaktii Rudraksha is a hand-picked genuine Rudraksha bead of the utmost quality. Moreover, each Rudraksha comes with a Certificate of Guarantee for additional assurance. We also provide customised advice regarding Rudraksha healing therapies.
Rudrashaktii aims to create awareness about the virtues of the mystical divine bead, the Rudraksha. We desire to clear away misconceptions and inhibitions and share the benefits of Rudrakshas with everyone, irrespective of their backgrounds.
Welcome to Rudrashaktii!

Rudrashaktii is where true healing starts.

"Rudraksha Dharanascha Shreshta Na Kichadapi Vidyateh​"

“Possessing a Rudraksha is the most auspicious thing in this world.”​

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Find Rudrakshas Just For You

Our unique Rudraksha Recommendation engine makes a numerological inference of your birth date and interprets planetary positions to suggest Rudraksha beads and Rudraksha bead combinations tailored perfectly for you. Just fill in a few details and get the ideal Rudraksha suggestions just for you!
Benefits of Rudraksha on health

Rudraksha for Health & Well Being

Do you experience stress-induced ailments like insomnia, depression, maladjustments, heart disease, depression, skin disease, mood disorders, neurotic conditions or more?

Then you should definitely try a Rudraksha!

Rudraksha’s electromagnetic impulses can affect heart rate, blood pressure, stress levels and hypertension on a physical level, while on a mental level Rudraksha impulses can relieve anxiety, depression, mood disorders and neurotic conditions.

Rudraksha therapy is a proven age old, time-tested therapy that looks after the physical and mental well being of the wearer.

Rudraksha for Career & Business

Do you think that your professional efforts are not rewarded appropriately? Do you do your best but see no progress in your business or no advancement in your career?

Then you should definitely try a Rudraksha!

Rudraksha’s abilities to alter planetary influences help pacify the malefic effects and amplify the positive effects of planets and their positions on the wearer’s professional outlooks.

The mystical characteristics of Rudraksha help enhance businesses, advance careers and boost professional lives of the wearer.

Rudraksha career benefits
Rudraksha for work stress

Rudraksha for Wealth & Prosperity

Do you feel that you could do better financially be it in savings, investments, stocks or property? Do you feel like you’re not getting the returns you should?

Then you should definitely try a Rudraksha!

Rudraksha’s abilities to alter planetary influences help pacify the malefic effects and amplify the positive effects of planets and their positions on the wearer’s financial prospects.

The divine virtues of Rudraksha are greatly revered among wearers for improving their financial health, wealth and prosperity.

Rudraksha for Personal Relationships

Do you feel unhappy in your personal relationships? Do you see a lack of love and understanding between you and your spouse, friends or family?

Then you should definitely try a Rudraksha!

Rudraksha’s magnetic and astrological properties improve the planetary effects and reduce stress in the wearer’s interpersonal relationships.

The spiritual qualities of Rudraksha help rekindle affection, deepen understanding and foster appreciation in relationships.

relationship problems