13 Mukhi Rudraksha



“Trayodashasyam rudraksham watsa yo dharayentaran sarvokamanaawapnotii saubhagyamtulam bhaveta sarva rasayanam chaiva ghatvadasthaiva cha sarvasiddhyati rudrakshandharayanticha ye narah.”

The 13 Mukhi Rudraksha also known as ‘Trayodash Mukhi’, represents Lord Kam Deva (Lord of Cupids) and Lord Indra (Lord of all Gods). This Rudraksha fulfills all earthly desires and helps in attainment of eight Siddhis (accomplishments). It has virtues like love, affection, beauty and attraction as its attributes.

It is ruled by the planet of love – Venus. This Rudraksha bead should be worn by researchers, speakers, orators, leaders, preachers, marketing professionals to achieve proficiency in the respective field. The wearer of 13 faced Rudrakshais blessed with riches, success, fame, good luck, honor, power of authority, charismatic personality, and high level of social and financial status and fulfillment of worldly desires. This Rudraksha bead is helpful for meditation and spiritual attainment .13 Mukhi Rudraksha bead has a special power of hypnotism. It empowers a person with the ability to woo another individual. Wearers of the 13 Mukhi Rudraksha have the power to control their destinies.

‘Om Hreem Namah Namah’ : Shivpuran.
‘Om Ksham Chaus Namah’ : Mantra Maharnav.
“Om Kshyein Staun Namah’ : Skand Puran.
‘Om Namah Shivay’.


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