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Founded in 2008 in Mumbai

Rudrashaktii is an organization founded with an aim to promote awareness about the properties and benefits of the divine bead Rudraksha to mankind.

The motto of the organization is to actively provide guidance on the most suited Rudraksha to the individual, based on the numerological interpretation of his or her date of birth and interpretation of planetary position.

The organization also offers alternative healing therapies, apart from Rudraksha therapies to help people in achieving favorable results in life. The organization focuses on the material apart from the mental and spiritual well being of individual. The organization based in Mumbai was started in the year 2008 after long years of research and study on efficacy of the Rudraksha beads on human well being.

Mr. Sumir Kakodkar, a postgraduate with a strong liking for occult sciences and deep interest in healing therapies, is the guiding force behind this organization. What prompted him to start this organization was the revelation of mysteries surrounding the divine bead Rudraksha and its healing properties. It is a fact that thousands of people are still unaware of the properties and benefits of Rudraksha, Rudrashaktii aims to address this.

Future plans – The organization plans to have centers in all major cities of world to propagate the benefits and properties of this mystical bead Rudraksha to the well being of the mankind.

The organization believes firmly that “wearing a Rudraksha is most auspicious than anything else in this world.”


A Rudraksha is more auspicious than anything else in this world. If a man always wears a Rudraksha permeated with god auspicious power, he is always honored and blessed. By wearing the right combination of Rudrakshas ranging from 1 to 14 mukhi one can pursues and attain :- “Dharma, Artha, Kaam, and Moksh”.