The beneficial powers of Rudraksha are by virtue of its electrical and magnetic properties.

Electrical Properties:

The ability to send out subtle electrical impulses & inductive vibrations, act as a dielectric, as in a capacitor to store electrical energy. Our human body; the central nervous system, autonomous, sympathetic and para sympathetic nervous system, and various other organ systems in the body can be considered to be complex bio electronic circuit.

This complex bio-electronic circuit comprises of the central nervous system, the organs and the functions it regulates. Streamlined blood flow has a powerful rejuvenating impact on this circuit and serves to prevent stress-related disorders caused by the damaging effects of excess energy on neurons and neurotransmitters. In essence, Rudraksha beads help bring about the well-known ‘relaxation response’ which is the ultimate goal of meditation, yoga, tai chi, biofeedback, and countless other alternative medicine methodologies.

Claimed Medicinal Properties Of Rudraksha:

It has been widely claimed that Rudraskshas positively affects Nervous weakness, insanity, epilepsy, melancholia, other mental disorders, insomnia, headache, jaundice, hypertension, fever, cholesterol lowering, diabetes, stress, and impotence.

Proven Medicinal Properties Of Rudraksha:

Defensive accomplishment of E. sphaericus (Rudraksha) extracts in experimental bronchial asthma, protection of guinea-pigs against bronchospasm, Microbial activity against several microorganisms including against Salmonella. Anticonvulsant activity.